alma blouse

Behold, the Amazing Alma!

Alma Blouse

I made up the Alma Blouse from Sewaholic and it turned out really well! The fabric print is interesting, though the fabric itself is nothing special (probably a poly blend).

The fit is perfect, and I see many more of these in my future. I have tried to make two of her Renfrew tees now, but cannot seem to pull off sewing the V-neck (which is my favourite style of tee), so I think I’ll turn to the Alma this winter. Besides, a new indie fabric shop just opened up in Ottawa (more on that later!) and they sell only cottons, which is suitable for the Alma. Prints and beautiful colours, here we go!

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2 responses to “alma blouse

  1. Such a pretty blouse! It drapes beautifully & the print is very nice.

  2. I came over here from Tasia’s post on your Cambie wedding dress but would like to suggest this video if you are having trouble with sewing a V-neck collar:


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