enter embroidery.

My latest obsession? Embroidery. Let me count the ways.

I ordered in Stitch Step by Step on the recommendation of a coworker.

I asked for a 3 Month Stitch Sampler Subscription through Dropcloth on Etsy for Christmas, and Corey delivered! The first one will be sent out on January 15.

I bought some supplies from Ottawa’s latest fabric shop, the amazing Fabrications. They’ve started carrying items from Sublime Stitching, so I stocked up.


I spent several hours looking at all the patterns I want from Wild Olive’s Etsy shop (which is all of them). She has some great beginner’s tutorials, by the way.

I also ordered in a copy of Stitched Gifts, the cutest looking book. I love the idea of personalized embroidering. So simple yet effective!

Finally, I did a bit of practising today using Wild Olive’s swirly leaf pattern, found in her tutorial for Stem and Split Stitches. The hot pink fabric was perhaps a bad choice for the eyes, and I’d advise you not to stare at it too long. It’s not very obvious in the picture, but I used very light grey, pale pink, and pale mint green thread.


And it’s such a portable craft too! I can’t wait to continue… on lighter coloured fabric.

One response to “enter embroidery.

  1. I’d love to learn embroidery but I’m still busy learning sewing and honestly I don’t know where to start.

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