return of the projects

Well, it’s been awhile since my last post! I think it’s safe to say that starting a full-time job after working part-time for months requires some re-adjustment to your personal projects, like blogging. I’m just sorry I didn’t get my act together sooner! Truthfully, though, life has merrily exploded with activity since the new year. Rather than giving you the details, I will distract you with shiny projects.

Last year for Christmas, I received a Harry Potter scarf kit that my husband picked up from my local yarn shop, Wabi Sabi. Unfortunately endless stockinette makes me sleepy, so I haven’t really touched it because a stockinette tube scarf is a bit of a boring project. I wanted to have it ready for this winter though, so here it is, a work-in-progress:

Ravenclaw Scarf in the making

It is exactly 1/4 completed, as I have used up one of the four blue skeins in the kit.

I completed a toque over the weekend, which deserves its own post later. With some of the leftover wool, though, I did make myself a cute little coffee cup cozy:

Irish Tea Cozy

I was thinking of knitting a little “demi-octopus” to put on the cozy, but I can’t bear to cover up the beautiful colour shifts. I bought the yarn while in Ireland this summer (I have been busy!).

You can find the coffee cozy pattern at “another knitting blog”: here.

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